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Lost on Mars (2002)

Lost on Mars (2002)
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Title:Lost on Mars
Director : Eric Shook,
Writer : Eric Shook,
Producer :
Country:United States of America
Runtime:87 min.
Genre:Science Fiction, Action, Adventure

 Production Company:Westfield Entertainment


Lost on Mars is a science fiction movie directed by Eric Shook. The first ship designed to go to Mars is scheduled for a routine planetary space exploration. The mission is drastically changed once Earth receives a strange signal transmitted by a probe on Mars. The Sequel to Lost on mars is" Empire of Danger"
Kelli Wilson
Eric Shook
Megan Glosser
Gretchen Maxwell
David Long
Brittany Wisovaty
Beverly Rankin
Julia Gommell
John T. Oertling
Michale Dwiggins
Amber Distler
Justin Hemming
Eric Shook
Eric Shook
Beverly Rankin
Beverly Rankin